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Airliner Cabin Interior Mock-up for Filming

A purpose built airliner cabin interior capable of representing most of the Boeing / Airbus short / mid haul fleet. Removable wall / ceiling panels allow camera access. Quick release seat rails allow fast reconfiguration of the cabin as the camera requires. In total we can provide 10 rows of “3 / aisle / 3”.

Each seat is a modern airliner seat with functioning recline and headrest. Further more each seat has an in-flight entertainment screen which can either be installed with an illuminated moving map or block green for later work in post. In addition we have hostess trolleys, drop down oxygen masks, life jackets, pillows, blankets, in flight magazines, emergency cards, food boxes, tea/coffee pots etc etc..

Either shoot at our location or remove to your own stage. Small cabin sections can be used in isolation if your shot is tight on. The cheapest and least hassle way of shooting on an airliner! If you’re considering shooting on the real thing then maybe read or blog entry on the troubles that can be faced!!

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