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Airliner Set

What we have is a groundbreaking modular airliner set providing a wide choice of configurations in one pre lit, easily delivered package.

The core of the set is a real 45ft section of Boeing airliner. Chopped from the real aircraft and cut into sections, each of which is built into heavily modified shipping containers.

Option 1 – Single Side

A single side of airliner giving cockpit door, 2 toilet units, main passenger entrance door and 12 rows of seats. The seats can be either business class pairs or economy class triples, or any mix of the two. The front toilet is complete, the rear toilet (although identical to the front) has the rear wall removed for camera access. The set is pre-lit, see “common features” below for full details. Delivered as one unit, build time is less than one hour and we’ll strike it in 30 minutes.

Option 2 – Narrow Body Airliner

A left and right cabin wall module are married to give a complete 45ft airliner interior. This provides 12 rows in either business class pairs or economy triples. In its most dense fit we see that traditional ‘3-aisle-3’ layout giving a total of 72 passenger seats. Cockpit door leads to a fully equipped galley. The toilet pod to the front is complete, the two identical pods to the rear have sections removed for camera access (mirror removed in one, rear wall removed in the other). Each section is on fully castering wheels allowing half the set to easily float away. See ‘common features’ below for full details. Build time is 3 hours and we’ll strike it in 90 minutes.