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Aircraft Wrangler

Do you know exactly what you want but would like us to manage it? Maybe you’d like us to suggest something that fits both story and budget? Either way we’d love to help.

Aside from our own fleet we have access to 100’s of aircraft and helicopters worldwide; commercial, military, vintage and modern. We’ll source, manage and crew these aircraft ensuring your production remains safe, legal and cost effective.


We make sure we’re using the right plane with the right pilot in the right conditions. We’ll help you to produce all of your Risk Assessments and H+S documentation. We’ll provide safety attachments for call sheets, posters for the set and provide clear safety briefings for all crew before any shoot. We have a communications and safety kit [Click here] that provides clear ground to air communication. We even have a portable beacon for emergency services to home in on in the very unlikely event that something goes wrong.


The legalities of what pilot can legally fly what aircraft in what manner, in what weather conditions, with or without passengers are extremely complex. Legally it’s become such a hot topic that the CAA have produced this [link]. If it makes your head hurt then feel free to give us a call and we’ll chat you through it. We not only know the rules but we know how to flex them – from repainting an aircraft with a phoney registration right up to exemptions to allow low flying or stunt sequences. We can even get airspace restricted over the set to allow a sterile sky in which to work.

Cost Effective

You’ll find most aircraft are rented by the hour. However “the hour” cuts many different ways. Some say from engine start to engine stop, some from brakes off to brakes on, some from take off to touch down – and many other permutations in-between. Knowing the right rate and how it should be calculated can save $1,000’s on a shoot. Very often you won’t even need the aircraft to fly, it’s just set dressing. By picking the right aircraft to serve the right location we can again save valuable budget. We’re on your side.

Go to “On Location” to see some of the aircraft we’ve provided in the past.

Aircraft Wrangler FAQs