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We’re extremely enthusiastic about what we do, why not pick up the phone for a quick informal chat? To discuss your project please contact us:

Shoot Aviation Ltd,
The Bond Hangar,
White Waltham Airfield,

If you are visiting us you’ll need to give us a call when you arrive at the main car park so we can get you through the security barrier.

Phone number: 0808 192 4387
Email address: info@shootaviation.com


Simon O’Connell:
+44 7525 940 475

As an early teenager I’d ride my bicycle 45 miles, sweeping out hangers in exchange for the odd instructional trip in gliders. Now, in addition to the gliders, I’m the holder of both European and American aeroplane and helicopter licences – although don’t ask me to ride a bike for 45 miles. After an early commercial career in I.T. I sold out and started a Facilities company serving the TV industry. So with 40 years of general aviation geekness, 30 years of flying experience and 15 years of filming behind me I guess it was inevitable that my work and my passion would merge into this. If you need a flying machine for your shoot then I’d be very happy to share some thoughts and experiences.


Dan Utley:
+44 7525 939 418

My first exposure to filming began quite literally before my feet touched the floor. I would sit on the passenger seat of my Dads car watching him lace-up the 16mm (clockwork) Bolex in the footwell, before going out to cover the news events of the day. As I evolved so did the cameras and once I was tall enough and strong enough to wield one there was no end to my nagging to have a go. My Dad gave in and the rest is history… After several years I had a change of direction and entered the world of film pyrotechnics, whereupon I met Simon. After numerous meetings and having never really become board of shooting him out the sky, I joined forces and diversified into this. My time is now split between gyro-stabilised aerial filming and overseeing the running / transport logistics of our studio aircraft at our stage near Heathrow. If you think we maybe able help you out or answer a few questions, please give us a call and we would be happy to chat…